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Who we are

About Layanan Prima Digital

PT Layanan Prima Digital (“LPD”) is “Business Solutions” company that focus in providing Unified Communications “Voice Solutions”, Contact Center Solutions and other Corporate Business services to support Customer business growth. Our Group of solutions able not only to support IT Infrastructure but also Marketing activities.

LPD have strong relation and partnership not only to Fixed Phone but also to the major Telco Provider in Indonesia Both GSM as well as CDMA. LPD Contact Center Solutions provide end to end Contact Center outsourcing (Access Number, Contact Center System, workstations, people and running all its operations). We have the full licenses as Contact Center Provider from Menkominfo that can generate “special access Number such as 140XY or 1500XYZ as well as toll free.

We bring to you, the right solution to answer your business goals.

PT. Layanan Prima Digital

Our Vision

To be the most trusted partner in providing reliable business solutions that adds value to our customer.

Our Mision

  • To provide total solution of Customer Experience Management
  • To add value to client's business and bring tangible benefits
  • To be preferred partner and good place to work
  • To deliver positive contribution to shareholder

Prima Digital

With our partnership, we will help you to increase your profitability by providing affordable services to support your key business. Our solutions, let you focus on your core business while we will assist you to manage customer engagement. Furthermore, our solutions can reduce your communication and operational cost significantly. Our reliable solutions definitely will increase your Company Value.

Bussines Operation

After sales service is presented in contact center (inbound call) to resolve customer inquiries, request and complaint and may also extended to order talking service.

Technology & Infrastructure

We can help you to get and develop access number for contact center, several options can be used ( ie. 140xy, 500xxx, 9000xxx, 0-800xx and others).

Human Resources & QA

We have a team with years of experience in service and profesionals in hiring process, to provide skillful in customer Service area.